Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter egg math

I hid eggs in my classroom today that contained some math problems and a few prize eggs. The kids love homework passes and free Dojo points!! 
I let the kids pair up with a friend and set the class timer on 30 minutes. The kids went around the room finding eggs. They would work the problem on their notebook paper then place the egg back where they found it. Then move on to another egg. The first pair of students who finished first with the most correct answers earned a free 100 in math. I hid two homework passes and two +5 Dojo points in my surprise eggs. The kids love collecting Class Dojo points. The student with the most points at the end of class gets a prize from the treasure chest. If I would have given the students a worksheet with 15 math problems today... They would have not been so excited to see test prep on Easter party day, but this way they had fun, worked together, and learned from each other. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Grandfather Tang: Tangram activity

This week we are giving our nine weeks test. The students and I took a much needed break from test prep yesterday to read Grandfather Tang's Story written by Ann Tompert and illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker.
After reading the story to my fifth and sixth graders, I passed out the tangram manipulatives for them to explore with. We reviewed transformations and attributes of polygons while they were "playing with their puzzle." They tried to make a square using all seven pieces, but only one was successful. I found some wonderful activities on CREATE for Mississippi (link here) to work with my students this week. I downloaded some free apps for our iPads to let the students play. Yesterday the fifth grade each picked a character from the book, created the tangram animal with their manipulatives, traced and colored the pieces, and wrote which character changed into that animal. When they finished, we used their art work to create a quilt that would tell the story in order. The students arranged the pictures in the order they happened in the story and taped them to bulletin board paper. We hung the quilt in the hall to display for the other classes.

My sixth grade class also created the characters from the story using their tangram pieces. After testing this week, they will continue working on their project. I am going to have them create a book using the pictures and summarizing the story. They will type their summary for the character they chose and I will publish each student a copy using our binding system. My colleague and I have been discussing how much trouble the students have with summarizing. Hopefully I can help with this skill as well as their writing skills with this lesson.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Using iPads with a science lesson

This week I was teaching a lesson on weathering and erosion in my sixth grade science class. I decided to incorporate our classroom set of iPads. We use the iPads daily for math and I'm trying to find more ways to use them in science. I found a good kid friendly site ( we read from on the iPads rather than using the textbook. We discussed the different types of weathering and I let the kids "google" images of each type. They then took screenshots and imported them into the PicCollage app. From that app (which is cute and free) the students typed a definition for each type and labeled each picture. I have had students make PowerPoints in the past, but this was a quicker way for them to display what they know while utilizing our iPads. I let the kids choose their own background and text font. They had a great time and learned something. I uploaded their picture collages to our school website and printed them out to send home with the kids. I love how the kids got to use their creativity and technology to learn our objective in science. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Math: Technology and Manipulatives!!!!

I discussed the ruler and equivalent fractions with my fifth grade class today. I did this lesson a year ago as a small group activity. I thought it was a good introduction to the ruler. You can read the original post with directions here. This worksheet came from Laura Candler's website. I LOVE her resources!

Love Laura Candler! Also this week we have worked on function tables, rules, and equations with my sixth grade. I found these function tables for the kids to work with their cooperative learning group. Then we made these awesome windsocks with a function table on each face and the rule dangling from the windsock. I made a trifold out of construction paper and we discussed that it was in the shape of a triangular prism with the exception of the invisible bases.

I found this fabulous resource on TPT at Richelle Votow's store. ('s FREE!) The kids loved scanning the QR codes to "partner check" each other's tower. When they finished, they followed the directions to cut, paste, and construct the towers. I hole punched them and hung them on a string to display in the hall.

This awesome freebie came from Flapjack Educational Resources. The kids could practice basic math facts and GCF/LCM. They read the directions that came with the resource and had a BLAST playing!!


This is a picture of my students doing their daily 3 Minute Math quiz. I use this to review basic facts, measurement conversions, percent/decimal/fractions, algebra properties, etc. The PowerPoint is timed and all I do is call out the number of the slide. The students quickly write down their answers, then when we have finished, we "trade and grade."

Working a lattice multiplication problem on the SMART board with a student.

One of my students using the iPad to practice Math Facts in a Flash from Renaissance Learning. If you are not familiar with this company, they also have the Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math programs, STAR reading and STAR Math testing programs, and more!

We used the Geoboard app I downloaded from the App store to build patterns as a preface to my function tables lesson.

I am LOVING all the technology I have been blessed with in my classroom!!! What technology do you use in your room?

Monday, September 2, 2013

3 Minute Math: Bundled up!

I have been revamping one of my favorite teaching tools today. I have made a bundle of four different versions of my 3 Minute Math PowerPoint. I have used this several different ways in my class. When you click begin slide show, it automatically changes to the next slide. It is timed to last only 3 minutes, because time is precious. Sometimes I start the slide show and let the students call out the answers. I confirm their answers or we discuss why their guess is incorrect. Other times, the students write their answers on an index card or post-it note. Then we trade and grade. This is a fabulous way to get their blood flowing and get their mind on math. I have placed this bundle in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I would love to know how you use this product in your class if you have previously bought this in my store.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!! ( and you!)

Tomorrow I will be another year older... Sigh. When you get out of the twenties, it's just not as much fun counting. :) But,  I am blessed to have been on God's beautiful creation another year to love and take care of my family, enjoy spending time with my friends, and teaching my sweet students at school.

Most remembered birthday...
I am thankful that I am not getting a hurricane for my birthday! August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the coast. I was at home with a five month old and my hubby was helping law enforcement in New Orleans. Such a devastating thing to remember. I guess that would be my most memorable birthday. Or a day that is hard to forget...

Looking forward to spending the evening tomorrow with my hubby and son. Hubby is cooking supper! Yum! :)

Celebrate with me and enjoy one of my favorite products 3 Minute Math from my TpT store for FREE! Also my whole store is on sale for 20% off!!! Have a happy day!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Science Meeting FUN Activities!!!

We had so much fun at science grade level meeting today! I absolutely love getting to attend fun and informative lessons. I'm blessed that our district brings in consultants for Language, Math, and Science. I always learn so much and am rejuvenated to go back to the classroom with hands-on activities I know the kids will enjoy and learn from. 
This 9 weeks our focus in science is on the inquiry strand and life science strand of the curriculum. 
We started out the morning with our NASA teacher who did a lesson with us on how to calculate the number of calories we should take in per day. Great use of multiplying and dividing decimals!
Next we made a word wall using science prefixes and suffixes. I'm hoping that the prefixes and suffixes will help the children break down unknown science terms. I can't wait to make this word wall in my room. ( I knew I left a blank bulletin board for a reason! ) Vocabulary is always a struggle for children to learn and I hope this will help. 
Moving on... CANDY!!!!
We were given four different types of candy to crush and dissolve in water. Then we added a spoonful of baking soda to see which candy had the most acidity. We hypothesized that the lemon drops would have the most since lemons are acidic. Surprise! They all bubbled!
The other group of teachers preformed a density these on chocolate. They found that the 3 Musketeers and Kit Kat floated in their cups of water. 
In discussing adaptations and habitats, we created our own species of bird and it's habitat based on the type of beak and feet we selected. Some were pretty funny looking!
I found an app on the iPad called Biobots Sea Rescue. It is a neat game to incorporate with adaptations. The students build a fish and make choices as to body type, what it eats, it's locomotion type, circulatory method, and defense method. The students then go on a mission using what fish they created. 

In reviewing cells, we put together a puzzle by matching the name of the part/person with the definition. 
We sorted animals into bags with biome names on them. 
And last but not least, we created the body systems with cardstock people cutouts. 
I am guiltily of putting science on the back burner because I also teach math. But this year I'm challenging myself to make better use of my time. I set the timer on my classroom iPad for everything! I know then it's time to transition from Renaissance hour to math and then move on to science, switch classes and start over with my schedule again. Otherwise, I get too involved in one thing and leave out others. How do you manage your class time to fit everything in? 
Please share any other ideas you have for math or science! I love learning new things from other teachers.