Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Measurement and Density

6th grade:
Measurement seems to always be my lowest percentage on state tests.  I have 6th graders who don't know which is longer a mile or a yard!!! I guess I am going to have them write their measurement facts and memorize them like I did when I was in elementary. I can tell you at the drop of a hat that there are 5, 280 ft in a mile or that there are 16 oz in a pound.

We did a measurement activity today. The students traced and measured their friend. I hung the finished products out in the hall for other students to guess who is who! They had to measure in US Customary and in the Metric System.

5th grade:
We took a trip to the science lab to do an experiment on density. The students were amazed that it didn't matter what order I poured the liquids in that they would still stack the same every time. I had them write a paragraph explaining what happened in the experiment and why.


  1. This is a great experiment to show density! I am giving you the One Lovely Blogger Award. Go to my blog and pick it up.

    3rd Grade Grapevine