Monday, August 20, 2012

Absolute Value, Integers, Opposites, and the Human Number Line... OH MY!!!

I was reviewing last weeks' objectives this morning and we made a real quick human number line outside my room.  I gave each student a card with a number on it, then they put themselves in order.  I asked them several questions to make sure each knew the meaning of absolute value, integers, opposites, and the number line. The students would hop forward if they were the answer to my question. I took a picture of their line to print for the Math Journals.  The cards didn't show up so I photoshopped an integer card on here for you to see.  This was a good morning activity to get their brains and bodies in gear!


  1. Cute! What grade is this?

    1. This is my 6th grade. Of course you could adapt it for lower and even upper grades as well. I even used adding and subtracting integers so the students physically walked the number line to the correct place for the answer to my question.
      *Who's your opposite on the number line?
      *Why doesn't 0 have an oposite?
      *What is the absolute value of -4?
      *If (student's name) walked three places to the left, where would he/she be?