Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My nerd...

Not related to teaching, but my cute little "nerd" won Nerd Day in his class during Homecoming week. If he would just study like a nerd... 😊

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Function Tables with Manipulatives

I started function tables with 6th grade today. As an introduction to function tables, I used pattern blocks and let them create a table using input (x) as the number of blocks and the output (y) as the number of sides. They started with one block, then two, then three, etc. After they realized the pattern, I gave them bonus numbers like 82 and 1024 to see if they could figure them out by plugging the input into the rule.
This was a low skill to start with, but this class needed the scaffolding and use of manipulatives.

This group used the triangle or 3 as the rule.

This group used the square or 4 for the rule.

This group used a hexagon or 6 for the rule.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blog looker... Guilty...

I recently read a blog and really related with what she had to say. I am guilty. I find these fabulous ideas on different blogs I follow, then fail to comment. I was looking at my dashboard and saw where so many people looked at a certain post, but there were no comments.
This makes me wonder... Is anyone using my ideas, are they bad or good, or if anyone even enjoys my page... Just wondering. I technically set this blog up as a sort of digital scrapbook for myself. A place where i could go back and look at previous lessons, but it has become so much more. I have talked to teachers from New York to Texas and several places in between. Thats really what it's all about, collaboration! I love getting emails from other teachers wanting ideas or wanting to share ideas.
Are you a Blog Looker? I am guilty of the very same thing and from now on I am going to comment on a blog if I like the idea or plan to use it in my room, or even if I have a suggestion.

To all the blogs I stalk for your fabulous ideas, I am sorry and I will do better!