Thursday, October 25, 2012

Layers of the Earth's Crust with CANDY!!!!!

We all can be bribed to pay attention with CANDY!!!! Or at least I can! I attended a science grade level meeting yesterday and I just LOVE our consultant!! She always does hands-on activities with us that we can bring back to the classroom and she always finds a way to incorporate food. 

I had just started the layers of the Earth with my students this week. Our consultant gave us an activity with Peanut M&M candies to use with this lesson.  Be sure to check on peanut allergies before doing this lesson. The students carefully bit the peanut M&M candy in half. The outer chocolate shell represents the crust, the inner milk chocolate represents the mantle, and the peanut represents the core. Cute way to remember the layers!
Student showing her model of the Layers of the Earth

M&M Layers of the Earth