Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kicking off a New Year and Reflecting on 2012!

Whether or not we are ready for the new year, it arrived anyway. I try not to make resolutions for the new year because they are usually short lived... for me anyway. I did make a few promises to myself though. I promised to get/and stay more organized, throw away or give away things I don't need, run more 5Ks than I did last year, complete a half marathon, continue eating more healthy and model that for my family, continue blogging in my teaching journey, be a better person, and walk closer to God this year.

I challenged my students to make resolutions or promises to themselves to have good study habits and get organized.

Firsts for me in 2012- I...
*Started a blog and now have 40 followers and over 29,000 page views-this amazes me! I hope you have found a few useful ideas on here to help in your classroom.
*Ran my first 5K- actually did 2 5K's that I walked and 4 5K's that I ran. Also got my 7 year old involved and he loves running with me now.
*Received Teacher of the Year at my school
*Taught an Accelerated Math workshop for another school in our district
*lost 30 lbs and feel so much better. I am smaller than I was when I graduated high school.

Do you make resolutions? If so, do you see them through?
What exciting happened to you in 2012?
Let me know!