Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kicking off a New Year and Reflecting on 2012!

Whether or not we are ready for the new year, it arrived anyway. I try not to make resolutions for the new year because they are usually short lived... for me anyway. I did make a few promises to myself though. I promised to get/and stay more organized, throw away or give away things I don't need, run more 5Ks than I did last year, complete a half marathon, continue eating more healthy and model that for my family, continue blogging in my teaching journey, be a better person, and walk closer to God this year.

I challenged my students to make resolutions or promises to themselves to have good study habits and get organized.

Firsts for me in 2012- I...
*Started a blog and now have 40 followers and over 29,000 page views-this amazes me! I hope you have found a few useful ideas on here to help in your classroom.
*Ran my first 5K- actually did 2 5K's that I walked and 4 5K's that I ran. Also got my 7 year old involved and he loves running with me now.
*Received Teacher of the Year at my school
*Taught an Accelerated Math workshop for another school in our district
*lost 30 lbs and feel so much better. I am smaller than I was when I graduated high school.

Do you make resolutions? If so, do you see them through?
What exciting happened to you in 2012?
Let me know!


  1. Sounds like 2012 was an AWESOME year for you!! Congratulations on Teacher of the Year...Rock it, girl! Your kids are so blessed to have a teacher who cares so much about them and loves her job.

    PS~ You look amazing and so proud of your weight loss/running accomplishments. Makes me motivated to get on the bandwagon!

    1. Thank you so much girl!! I did have an amazing year and this year is proving to be just as wonderful!! Hope to see you soon!:)

  2. Hi! I was happy to find your blog. I'm all about math and 6th graders, and am looking forward to following your blog.

    I would, also, like to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award. It’s a way to for new bloggers (even though you've been around a bit) to gain some recognition for their hard work and awesome blogs. Follow the link back to my blog to find out how you can pay it forward.
    Pam Kranz

    1. Thank you Pamela! If I can figure out how to do all the stuff on the Liebster Blog Award, I will. I am still learning all the blogging tech stuff. :) I actually just post things on here so I will remember the lessons I do with my students for the next year. I will definitely check out your page and follow you though. I really enjoy finding cool ideas on other teachers blogs. Have a great day!