Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Round and Round and Round We Go...Where We Stop...Sir Cumference & Circumference!!!

I am working on circumference this week with my 6th graders. I found a few ideas from Hodges Herald and Runde's Room. Thank you guys! You have fabulous ideas!!
I always read children's literature when I can incorporate it. I have all the Sir Cumference series (link to Amazon). I urge you to get them if you teach middle grade math. The kids LOVE them!!

Day 1:  
o   Read “Sir Cumference and the First Round Table” to the class aloud. 
o   Students take Accelerated Reader Quiz on the book.
o   Give out Word Wheels (I made these) and let students look up definitions, write formula, write letter used in the formula, work ex. problems with the teacher, then let students fill in the rest independently.
o   Work several examples of finding the circumference of a circle on the board; students help
o   Measure the diameter and radius of the round table in my room solve for circumference.
Day 2:
o   Let students write the definitions for diameter, radius, and circumference on a flattened coffee filter and glue to their math journals.
o   Review formulas and how to find circumference, diameter, and radius with students.
o   Listen to the Circumference Rap from www.flocabulary.com
o   Let students measure the variety of round objects in my box (lids, coasters, etc.) using c, d, & r; use fortune tellers to practice finding the circumference with a partner.
o   Use geotools to draw different sized circles on construction paper or scrapbook paper and find the circumference of each. These will be used to make my Geome-Tree next week.

Sir Cumference Fortune Tellers to practice finding the circumference of a circle.
One of the students' math journal
Circumference Math Journal with coffee filter


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