Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Avoid Test Prep Burn-out and Cover Objectives???

Our district just completed our Mock MCT2 Test. I took my data that we got in pretty, nice graphs and found my classroom weaknesses and individual students weaknesses.For my classroom weaknesses, I am addressing them whole-group reteaching. For individual weaknesses, I thought these would best addressed in small centers:
Center 1: Game Time!! Our school math tutor played these file folder games with two or three students at a time. They picked out which game they wanted to play and the winner got to dig in the treasure chest!
Center 2: Number Sense and Vocabulary- This was the center I guided. The students first had number races. I would time them and see how many expressions they can make in the allotted time. Ex. I gave them the number 48...they can make the number any way they choose and list as many as possible. 48: 1x 48, 2 x 24, 47 + 1, forty-eight, 20+28, 96/2, etc. This helps with number sense in general and also helps with algebraic expressions. After about 3 races (2 min. each), I gave them a copy of a Frayer Model. They wrote the word, gave a definition, picture, example, and non-example.
Center 3: Test your Knowledge!Students play their own version of a game show by quizzing their group on test prep questions. Winner gets a prize!!
Center 4: Computer Group- Students went to interactive game type websites to practice math skills. I already had these bookmarked on my computer and ready to go. Some sites include: Sheppard Software, Math Playground, Kids Math Games Online, etc.

I also plan on working on another year of Show What You Know very soon! So...Keep posted!!!!


  1. I like your math race game. I can see great benefits. It really takes the students up a level in their thinking and use of numbers.

    1. Thank you! This could be adaped to be used at any grade level. Glad you stopped by! I will check out your blog for ideas as well.