Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gimme a Break!!!!

Yes we are nearing the dreaded state tests... 
Countdown til test-16 days! 

I'm trying not to burn out the kids, but still get test prep in daily. They need a break since they have worked so hard this year. :) Today we played Jeopardy with my sixth graders. I had an old template that I downloaded several years ago that has test prep on it. I can't remember where I got it...but in searching the web for it, I came upon this site Math-Play and found excellent Jeopardy games already made for different topics.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunshine and Circles

Today it was beautiful weather and I oops! my 6th graders needed some sunshine. I found my Hula hoop type circles and we went outside to measure the diameter and circumference of each. I made a boys group and a girls group. I didn't give them any instructions except they needed a person to record the information, a hula hoop, two tape measures, and the answers to the circumference, diameter, radius, and area of the circle. 
After that, the girls made a human circle, as did the fellas. They measured the human circles and found the area, circumference, diameter, and radius of their friend's circles.They had a great time! 
I handed out playing cards and let them put themselves in order from least to greatest. Anything to give me the kids a break.

This was an educational, but much needed break from test prep!! They have been working sooooo hard!!

Girls measuring the radius of the hoop.

I didn't tell the kids how to find the circumference. My girls group used the formula and figured it out. The boys acutally measured as they rolled the hoop until it made a complete circle. Pretty interesting they did different things, but got the same answer!

The kids got to play a quick game when they finished their assignment!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Area, Perimeter, and 3D shapes:"Get on the Floor" & "Fold it up"

"Get on the floor!!!"
Students measured to find the area and perimeter of the figures I taped on the floor in the hall by my room. My co-teacher did this activity and her kids seemed to "get it" and by the way, your janitors won't be upset with you!! :) Painter's tape is great because it doesn't leave a sticky mess!
Find the area and perimeter of the shapes
Find the area and perimeter of this shape and compare it to figure C

Find the area and perimeter of the figure

One of my precious students working hard!  

 "Fold it Up!"
Students had to have a refresher lesson on 3D shapes. I did a quick review with the nets. Then the students were able to tell me how many faces, edges, and vertices there were in each shape.