Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Review: Mastering Math Facts by: Laura Candler

I was lucky enough to get a digital copy of this to review for use in my classroom. Teachers, it's a wealth of information! Over the past ten years teaching math, one of the biggest problems I have faced is basic fact knowledge and retention. I love so many parts of this book! She teaches how to connect addition to multiplication, then multiplication to division through the use of fun lessons, cute worksheets, and real-world situations. The students make connections on her "Show What You Know" worksheet linking addition to multiplication, then having the student display their knowledge into arrays. The students also draw pictures to represent their understanding of a number sentence. For example on the problem, 2 x 3=6 the student would draw two groups of three apples to demonstrate they understand the problem.
There are 4 lessons that connect addition to multiplication. These are aligned with one or more CCSS for math in several grade levels. There are lessons showing how to use linking cubes, graph paper, and the multiplication table to build arrays.
The 5 lessons on linking multiplication to division are great hands-on, real-world activities that will engage the students and help build their understanding while having fun! This is covering the basic division problems and finding answers with remainders. There are also cute pages to connect multiplication facts to division facts in fact families.
This book is also filled with timed tests and printable templates for the students to track their process on.
I will definitely be using this book for my RtI (Response to Intervention) students to help with math fact mastery.
Thanks to Laura Candler for being sweet enough to send me a copy to review!! I visit her website very often to find resources. She's fantastic!

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