Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet my new friend, Class Dojo!!


Where has this app been all my life??? Ok well, my teaching career anyway... I downloaded Class Dojo on one of my classroom iPads today after seeing several people brag about it on different blogs. I am so excited to use this next year. I created a class for my summer school students to test it out. This is the answer to documentation for behavior, especially with RtI. This app can track not only the negative behavior like disrespect and being unprepared, but also positive behavior like teamwork, participation, and persistence. I use tickets for rewards in my class for good behavior and hard work. The students earn tickets for good behavior, hard work, and classroom participation. At the end of the 9 weeks period, they can buy things from my treasure box with their tickets or meet the 9 week target goal of 50 (or 100 or whatever I chose) to get an invitation to my "Reward Party". This past year I had a Movie Theater Party, Wii Dance Off Party, and Game Day Party. The students got to pick the activity and snack for each 9 weeks. The Movie day of course we had popcorn and drinks. Wii Day the kids picked ice cream sundaes for the snack and Game Day was pizza. I think this app will be a perfect way to reward my kids with tickets. At the end of my class, whatever their score is for the day is how many tickets they get. Some may be in the negative and owe me tickets...
Here is a screen shot example:

Several students would get 4 or more tickets, but one student would owe me a ticket...

We all just LOVE documentation, right? Come on, I know that's why you became a teacher, right? To fill out graphs, charts, and forms all the time??? Ha! Well, we all know that documentation is a crucial part of our job. This will save me a lot of time!!!
Check out the whole class report: