Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Made It!!

Well I'm teaching the summer enrichment program at my school for the month of June. I figured that while I was here I could prepare for next year, then I wouldn't spend a lot of time right before school starts decorating and organizing my room.
My Monday Made It is all thanks to my best friend, Mrs. Harrell at Dawn's Dazzlers in 3rd and 4th Grade. I am not sure what the craze with colored Duck Tape is, but my son LOVES it!! We have Rainbow, Spongebob, Spider man, Army camo, Hunting camo, Zebra print, etc. (you get the picture!) Well, my friend and co-teacher, Dawn, decided to use the colored Duck Tape to attach folders to our cabinets. We tend to overdecorate a little LOT!!! So for us to have several of these tall, plain brown cabinets in our room was aggravating. We attempted stapling things to them, but the doors are too hard. So here are some of my handy dandy folders to keep me organized and brighten the old brown cabinets!!

Ok this last picture (above) is what I'm calling Focus on Five. I picked several topics my students have had as a weakness in the past. I am going to use this as daily bell work when school starts. (I will have to blog on how my first week goes...)
*Vocabulary-using the Frayer Model to define math words. I am using words from the Math word wall above this board.
* Graphs- I guess I will have a question on the board for the students to graph. Pictured is a bar graph. I laminated everything on this board so I can write on them when we go over the work.
*Number and Operations- This is a folder which I can put a quick worksheet or actually write on the folder as a dry erase board.
* Fractions- Don't you just LOVE this zebra print number line. It goes from 0 to 1.  I cut up small cards, laminated them, then wrote different fractions on them.  I will let them put the fractions in order.
* Measurement- This is like the Number and Operations section. It is a folder where I can put a paper for the students to pick up or I can write on the folder with a dry erase marker.


  1. LoveLoveLOVE the ductape! I used Mustache Ductape for my decor this year, I'm pretty sure it'll happen again next year.

    Teaching Isn't Scripted

    1. I haven't seen Mustache!! I am going to have to look for it! :)

  2. How well do the folders open with all that duct tape? I like the idea...

    Simply 2nd Resources

    1. I laminated the folders while they were closed then slit the top open so the sides would stay sealed. I put Duck Tape around the sides and bottom, then jut on the top lip of the folder to secure it to the door. I also have done gallon ziploc bags with Duck Tape so they look like pocket charts. :)

  3. My kiddos got into covering the gallon sized ziploc bags with duct tape. That grew into making hair-bows, bracelets, etc. Duct tape is a wonderful thing! :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. My son made Duck Tape bracelets for his whole class and key chains for me and his daddy. My friend Dawn has made the gallon ziploc bags with Duck Tape like the pocket charts before. I love Duck Tape. Not only can you usually fix anything with it, but it is also pretty now.