Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It: bulletin boards, TPT sale, home decor, and a tutu!

Well my friends, I have had a busy week!!! I can’t wait to share all the things I’ve been working on since last week’s Monday Made It. I would like to thank Tara for this fabulous link up. I have looked forward to Mondays all summer to see what everyone is making! This week I have several things to share with you including bulletin boards , a Pinterest inspired project for my living room,  new products in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, and a tutu. This is a long post, but hang in there…here we go!

First up…my bulletin boards and keeping with my technology theme…

I put the finishing touches on my “Tweet Board.” I laminated the poster boards and printed off my home key and camera. I also added my hash tag #WHATILEARNEDTODAY.  (Thanks to Tasha Blaylock for the hash tag idea-I don’t know how I forgot that!) I’m still debating on creating a 3D tree beside the board and putting the Twitter birds in the trees. Thoughts?

I made a giant Instagram bulletin board in the hall beside my classroom so I could display the student’s work and pictures of what we are doing in the classroom.

This is my Facebook Student Profile Spotlight. I created this to give each student a chance to “shine.” This is also in the hall outside my door so we can share the student’s success with the whole school. I printed out the logos, typed the titles, and drew lines with a Sharpie. I laminated the poster board so the students can write on the board and we can wipe it off each week. Another reason I laminated it (besides durability) was to be able to tape the student’s picture to the board along with pictures of their “likes” and “dislikes.” The tape will come off easily without tearing the paper.

Second…my newest TPT creations.

 I have seen so many cute teacher planners and other creations on TPT! I didn’t know how to make some of these without having certain programs on my computer. I played around a little this week and figured some things out.  Using PowerPoint, I drew lines to make a chevron design. Now this took me some TIME! I changed the background, but couldn’t figure out how to make the color pattern change. After giving my blog a facelift and learning to save a slide from PowerPoint as a PNG and opening it in Paint, I was able to create the color pattern for my chevron pages. Anyway…I worked almost all week creating a School Planner for teachers. You can find it here in my TPT store on sale this week through Wednesday!

I also created the CCSS I Can Statements for 5th and 6th grade Math. I want to thank my viewers for helping me edit and correct both sets of these. I can’t wait to display these in my classroom!! You can also find them here on sale this week in my store through Wednesday.

I have been reading “Writing in Math Class” by Marilyn Burns. This book was published in 1995, but so much of the information holds true when thinking toward CCSS now. I started using Interactive Math Journals in my class last year, but with anything you need time for trial and error. I don’t feel like I used them to the extent I should have with my students. Or rather I didn’t teach the students to use them as a resource regularly in our class. (Side note:  This year, I plan to have the students add a vocabulary section in the back of their journals.) While reading this book, I decided to make a slide show of math journal topics to use in my class. I might use them on the SMART board as topics in the interactive math journals, as exit ticket questions, or as bellringer questions. Some are cute and funny, and other topics are simply explaining mathematical processes. You can find it on sale this week through Wednesday  in my TPT store.

Third…my Pinterest inspired project for my living room.

My husband and I renovated a hundred year old family home a few years ago and I have stock piled the antique windows for several projects. I have also gathered windows, doors, and shutters from other people. My sweet husband never says anything about my projects that seem to take over the house at times, but I know he wishes I would finally finish them all. I am still deciding if I am going to put family pictures in the window or leave the wreath. Suggestions?

Last but not least, my niece had her 2nd birthday party Saturday. Things kept going wrong and my sister-in-law was running out of time, so I ended up figuring out how to make a tutu with elastic and tulle.  Not only did I make her one, but I made one for her birthday present, a puppy.  Couldn’t get them both to be still for a picture, so here’s one with her tutu. Those were  not hard at all! I may tackle making a door wreath that is made similar to a tutu. I saw some cute ones on Pinterest.

Thanks for hanging in there for this loooonnnnggg edition of Monday Made It!

I love comments!!! Stay tuned for a complete tour of my room soon.


  1. your bulletin boards are super cute!!!

    Hodges Herald

  2. Thank you for this post! I am teaching 5th grade this year so I will definitely be checking out your stuff in TPT. And I LOVE your social media boards. Great idea!


  3. I love all the technology related things! The kids will definitely be able to relate to that!

    KNJ Kreations

    1. Thanks Kristen! I hope the kids will love it.

  4. I like the wreath in the window. If you put pictures in each of the panes, it will detract from the beauty of the window and become too busy IMO. It's beautiful just like it is!! Great job. :)

  5. I am so stealing the Instragram bulletin board idea! That is super awesome! I love your teacher binder as well. Thanks for agreeing to donate something from your store. I will be doing a Rafflecopter so I can link to your blog and your store.

    Sixth Grade Tales
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    1. I'm more than glad to help Jamie! Love your blog!! Make sure to send me a picture when you make your Instagram board! :)

  6. Meredith,

    I absolutely love your creativity! Would you mind emailing your icons please at I teach sixth grade as well and this year each student is receiving their very own learn pad so what better theme to start the new school year with!

    Thank you very much and have a great school year!

  7. I love the window... pictures would look fabulous!!