Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Science Meeting FUN Activities!!!

We had so much fun at science grade level meeting today! I absolutely love getting to attend fun and informative lessons. I'm blessed that our district brings in consultants for Language, Math, and Science. I always learn so much and am rejuvenated to go back to the classroom with hands-on activities I know the kids will enjoy and learn from. 
This 9 weeks our focus in science is on the inquiry strand and life science strand of the curriculum. 
We started out the morning with our NASA teacher who did a lesson with us on how to calculate the number of calories we should take in per day. Great use of multiplying and dividing decimals!
Next we made a word wall using science prefixes and suffixes. I'm hoping that the prefixes and suffixes will help the children break down unknown science terms. I can't wait to make this word wall in my room. ( I knew I left a blank bulletin board for a reason! ) Vocabulary is always a struggle for children to learn and I hope this will help. 
Moving on... CANDY!!!!
We were given four different types of candy to crush and dissolve in water. Then we added a spoonful of baking soda to see which candy had the most acidity. We hypothesized that the lemon drops would have the most since lemons are acidic. Surprise! They all bubbled!
The other group of teachers preformed a density these on chocolate. They found that the 3 Musketeers and Kit Kat floated in their cups of water. 
In discussing adaptations and habitats, we created our own species of bird and it's habitat based on the type of beak and feet we selected. Some were pretty funny looking!
I found an app on the iPad called Biobots Sea Rescue. It is a neat game to incorporate with adaptations. The students build a fish and make choices as to body type, what it eats, it's locomotion type, circulatory method, and defense method. The students then go on a mission using what fish they created. 

In reviewing cells, we put together a puzzle by matching the name of the part/person with the definition. 
We sorted animals into bags with biome names on them. 
And last but not least, we created the body systems with cardstock people cutouts. 
I am guiltily of putting science on the back burner because I also teach math. But this year I'm challenging myself to make better use of my time. I set the timer on my classroom iPad for everything! I know then it's time to transition from Renaissance hour to math and then move on to science, switch classes and start over with my schedule again. Otherwise, I get too involved in one thing and leave out others. How do you manage your class time to fit everything in? 
Please share any other ideas you have for math or science! I love learning new things from other teachers. 

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  1. Is there anyway that you sell or share the activities you create and use in your classroom? I love the cell organelle and structure puzzle!