Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tour My School Thursday

We started school on Monday and our kids came Wednesday. Whew! Busy, busy, busy!!! I'm loving my classes this year and looking forward to a wonderful year. Thought I would share pics of my class and a walk down the halls to see all the decorations. We tend to overdo it a bit. :) 
My classroom:

Back of my room
My desk area
My computers, printer, and iPad carts
Front of the room
Front of the room as you walk in 

Exit ticket outside my door
Charts for tracking progress in Renaissance Learning
My iCan statement wall
Now... On to the classes down the hall...
My co-teacher's room
3rd and 4th grade math and science class
3rd and 4th Language Arts and Social Studies
3rd and 4th Renaissance Learning charts
2nd grade
2nd grade Angry Birds I Can statement wall
1st grade
Pre-K and Kindergarten 
Resource room
Resource room hall


  1. Your room looks wonderful, Meredith...
    Happy New School Year!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I love it - all of it. I am going to use some ideas. I really love the "readbox". I think as the students read books this year, I am going to make a readbox of those books. They will write a summary and make an illustration of the book. These will be the "readbox" movies. Also, I am going to use the Twitter idea as exit slips to show what they learned, So awesome.