Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Math: Technology and Manipulatives!!!!

I discussed the ruler and equivalent fractions with my fifth grade class today. I did this lesson a year ago as a small group activity. I thought it was a good introduction to the ruler. You can read the original post with directions here. This worksheet came from Laura Candler's website. I LOVE her resources!

Love Laura Candler! Also this week we have worked on function tables, rules, and equations with my sixth grade. I found these function tables for the kids to work with their cooperative learning group. Then we made these awesome windsocks with a function table on each face and the rule dangling from the windsock. I made a trifold out of construction paper and we discussed that it was in the shape of a triangular prism with the exception of the invisible bases.

I found this fabulous resource on TPT at Richelle Votow's store. (pssst...it's FREE!) The kids loved scanning the QR codes to "partner check" each other's tower. When they finished, they followed the directions to cut, paste, and construct the towers. I hole punched them and hung them on a string to display in the hall.

This awesome freebie came from Flapjack Educational Resources. The kids could practice basic math facts and GCF/LCM. They read the directions that came with the resource and had a BLAST playing!!


This is a picture of my students doing their daily 3 Minute Math quiz. I use this to review basic facts, measurement conversions, percent/decimal/fractions, algebra properties, etc. The PowerPoint is timed and all I do is call out the number of the slide. The students quickly write down their answers, then when we have finished, we "trade and grade."

Working a lattice multiplication problem on the SMART board with a student.

One of my students using the iPad to practice Math Facts in a Flash from Renaissance Learning. If you are not familiar with this company, they also have the Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math programs, STAR reading and STAR Math testing programs, and more!

We used the Geoboard app I downloaded from the App store to build patterns as a preface to my function tables lesson.

I am LOVING all the technology I have been blessed with in my classroom!!! What technology do you use in your room?


  1. I think we have worked away at function tables, guidelines, and comparisons with my sixth grade. I discovered these capacity tables for the children to work with their agreeable learning gathering. At that point we made these magnificent windsocks with a capacity table on each one face and the standard dangling from the windsock. I made a trifold out of development paper and we talked about that it was fit as a fiddle of a triangular crystal except for the undetectable bases. I would like to say Thanks for sharing such a nice collection.
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  2. What a great idea! I love the QR code idea! My students will definitely get into this!