Saturday, November 9, 2013

Using iPads with a science lesson

This week I was teaching a lesson on weathering and erosion in my sixth grade science class. I decided to incorporate our classroom set of iPads. We use the iPads daily for math and I'm trying to find more ways to use them in science. I found a good kid friendly site ( we read from on the iPads rather than using the textbook. We discussed the different types of weathering and I let the kids "google" images of each type. They then took screenshots and imported them into the PicCollage app. From that app (which is cute and free) the students typed a definition for each type and labeled each picture. I have had students make PowerPoints in the past, but this was a quicker way for them to display what they know while utilizing our iPads. I let the kids choose their own background and text font. They had a great time and learned something. I uploaded their picture collages to our school website and printed them out to send home with the kids. I love how the kids got to use their creativity and technology to learn our objective in science.