Saturday, August 20, 2016

PAEMST State Level Finalist

State Level Recognition at MDE
My handsome fellas were able to celebrate with me. ❤️ my family!

This week has been amazing! After 7 months of working on a video and paper, I finished and uploaded my application for The Presidential Award for Excellent in Mathematics and Science in April. I really never expected to hear anymore about it. The end of July, I got a call from the state department of education to tell me I was one of four finalists for our state. I could barely catch my breath... I learned so much after reflecting on my teaching and that's the most important part of the process to me... I never expected to be a finalist for my state. I have learned from so many fabulous teachers and coworkers over the years that have helped form me into the teacher I am. Just being nominated was the biggest honor, but being a state level finalist is the icing on the cake. Now to wait until next year to find out which two of the four finalists will represent Mississippi at the White House. Best of luck to whoever is the winning teacher for the state of Mississippi! 

State level finalists: Sanders, McKinnon, August, and Williams

My wonderful coworkers and students surprised me as well. 

"She makes math cool. She makes math fun. Mrs. Sanders is our #1!"